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Erotic Dezirez

Erotic photos and stories

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for mature adult that enjoy looking at sex photos (porn pics) and reading erotic stories. You must be 18 or older to join this community. You must have your full birthday in your userinfo. If you do not you will not be allowed to join. You must keep your birthday in your userinfo otherwise you will be removed and banned.

Credit to ketarine for the Jenna Jameson header and friends only banner.

1. This is a community for porn pics and erotic stories. As a member you can post pics or just look at what others post. You may post photos , erotic stories , poems or whatever else dealing with sex.

2. If you post more then 1 photo please place them behind an lj-cut.

3. This community is friends only and a closed community , meaning that you need permission to join.

4. No bashing anyone for whatever sex they like or whatever there fetishes may be. Caught doing so will get you banned!!

5. All entries must be friends only , other wise it will be deleted and you will be warned. I will only warn people 3 times before banning them.